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As a team, we are committed to innovation and continuous enhancement of ClickGyaan to ensure a richer user experience. While minor updates and patches are released by ClickGyaan technical team on a periodic basis, a major upgrade in version happens once in every eight to nine months. Depending on whether you have a subscription of ClickGyaan on a Hosted [SaaS] environment or In-house [behind-firewall] deployment, you can opt to use the ClickGyaan version and edition that is most optimal for your business requirement and budget.

Below is the upgrade policy of ClickGyaan:

Hosted / SaaS deployment

Upgrades of your subscription of ClickGyaan come in following options:

  • Upgrade of ClickGyaan edition: You can upgrade from your current edition of ClickGyaan to a higher edition to avail the additional benefits that comes with a higher edition. If you are interested to upgrade your current edition of ClickGyaan to the higher edition, please email us and we will get back to you within two business days.
  • Upgrade of ClickGyaan versions: As long as you have an active subscription of ClickGyaan, upgrades of version to the latest one happens automatically and taken care by ClickGyaan technical support team. We ensure that version upgrades does not affect customizations done for your specific instance.

In-house / Behind-firewall deployment

Upgrades of In-house license of ClickGyaan to the latest version come along with an Annual Maintenance Contract [AMC]. As long as you opt for an AMC, you can receive free upgrades to the latest version of ClickGyaan to deploy and upgrade your ClickGyaan version. Similar to Hosted version upgrade, we ensure that your existing customizations and information is preserved while you upgrade the license to the latest version.

If you have any specific query, you may refer to FAQ section of the website, or you can email us Contact with your query.

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