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I believe in moving with times and I really liked the simplicity of ClickGyaan. I felt very confident of my decision when I saw how easily students and faculty adapted it. ClickGyaan team is very supportive. They trained our teachers and our students in just 2 hours. I am very satisfied with ClickGyaan.

Dr. (Fr.) Jeewendra Jadhav | Director | St.Vincent College of Commerce

Puppet Nursery has been successfully moulding young leaders for over three decades. However, we had not thought of using technology to make learning fun and interactive. ClickGyaan showed us we can do so much more today to engage young minds. ClickGyaan customer support team trained the teachers and parents how to use the platform and honestly, it’s really easy. Puppet Nursery teachers now design innovative, creative activities and content for the children. We really love the flexibility and simplicity of ClickGyaan.

Varsha Satalkar | Principal & Founder | Puppet Nursery School | Pune

The lockdown forced us to consider alternatives to continue classes because we did not want to disappoint our students. Fortunately, ClickGyaan came to the rescue and in a very short time, we went online for over 1000 students in simultaneous batches running 7 days a week. Our faculty and students are very happy with the e-learning platform because it is very easy to use and the support is fantastic. We also love the fact ClickGyaan is totally `Made in India’.

Nitin Raghuvanshi | COO | Ajivasan Music Academy, Aspire Events, Sound Studios | Mumbai

ClickGyaan has helped me continue teaching my students even during the lock down. It is very easy to use. My students are also happy. I have uploaded videos, pdf and pdfs of books for my students and they use smart phone to study. I am very happy and thankful to ClickGyaan team for all the help and support.

Shyam Rule | Teacher | ZP School | Jalgaon

We moved to ClickGyaan in a matter of just 2 days. It proved that seamless an experience for the teachers as well as the students. Easy to navigate. Simple to access. It’s a relief to focus on teaching and not worry about sending invites to students to join a class. Now the content is also very nicely structured for teaching.

Prof. Gilbi John | Faculty | St. Vincent’s College of Commerce | Pune

We have been using ClickGyaan for last the few months to reach out to students who are in different locations and cant attend classes. It’s been a great experience so far, because ClickGyaan is a very simple and intuitive e-learning platform. More than 200 students are enjoying learning with ClickGyaan. We use the multimedia content library and adaptive assessments extensively for our certification programs and training. It’s a superb application!

Najmul Hussain | Faculty | Red Learning | a UAE based training institute

Online Education Platform


Thank you ClickGyaan and our respected teachers for providing us this Online classes 😊 We all thought that we would miss our studies due to Covid19. We are in 12th std now and this year is very important for us. Using ClickGyaan made it all so easy to focus on studies. 🥰

Munira Kanchwala | Student

I think ClickGyaan is great; very easy to follow. I was scared I would not be able to figure out because I am not a computer person but ClickGyaan made it easy for us to navigate. I would thank the ClickGyaan organizers, our father and staff members who are putting their all effort for our studies. 😊

Zainab Patweger | Student

ClickGyaan has helped us to collaborate with our teachers again and start our studies. It has become very easy for us to understand the lessons even better through the textbooks and videos.😊 Thank you Father, staff members and ClickGyaan for making it all possible for us. Now we can study well!😊

Glyniss Joseph | Student

ClickGyaan is really helpful for our studies we can watch videos related to our studies which is really helpful and we can even refer to the textbooks over there. Thank you ClickGyaan! ❣️

Reeyah Thorat | Student