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When you opt for ClickGyaan subscription [Hosted deployment] or license [Onsite deployment], you get access to a standard support plan at no additional cost. The standard support plan offers offshore support by ClickGyaan technical support through email, web-conference or phone based on your purchased ClickGyaan Edition.

A detailed feature table of the standard support plan is listed below. If you wish to opt for a premium support plan, for support pricing please Contact us.

Support Features Description
Support team availability 18 x 5
Nature of support Offshore [email / telephone / web meeting] based on your ClickGyaan Edition
Support Type Reactive
Response Time First response: Within 4-6 Working Hours Resolution: 1- 2 business days depending on the nature and criticality of the issue
Assigned Support Contact 1
Number of authorized contact from customer organization 2
Patches and Upgrades Automatic for Hosted deployment, AMC based for Onsite deployment
Product Training Free 1 – 3 times based on your ClickGyaan Edition

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