Best Online Teaching Platform

E-learning through ClickGyaan makes assessing, developing and measuring students’ performance easy. With a team of expert software professionals, a mature development process, specialized services and an excellent infrastructure, we have developed ClickGyaan to focus on three crucial aspects important for every educator.

  • Increasing engagement of students in an online development program
  • Adapting courseware to the online learning & development process
  • Involving parents or mentors in the holistic development of students

Beyond Classroom Teaching

Best Online Teaching Platform

Top Online Teaching Platform

  • ClickGyaan is designed to instill a competitive spirit in students and help them learn key concepts across subjects in a fun and engaging way.
  • Adaptive learning allows assessment of genuine learning of the student and help map new learning paths for further progression.
  • ClickGyaan transforms into a multi-media learning content respository supporting all teaching initiatives while seamlessly engaging students in pre and post classroom training.
  • Webinar and live streaming features provide flexibility and capability to conduct training for large group of students simultaneously.
  • ClickGyaan is available in multiple languages because language cannot restrict learning. We help you reach wider set of audiences with ease.

Benefits For Users

For Students :
  • Catering to individual personalised learning needs
  • Mobile access to learning
  • Making assessment and learning interactive and fun
For Authors / Administration Members :
  • Design of assessments with desired flow and terminating actions
  • Providing support to learning process by including multimedia elements in assessments
  • Assessing students current skills
Examiners :
  • Administration of assessments
  • Tracking of learning
  • Analysis and reports of assessment process ensuring sustained learning

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