Best Online Education

Every aspect of ClickGyaan is thoughtful. Keeping in mind the requirements of all the stakeholders — the Teachers, the Students, the Parents and the School Management. The best things is it can be implemented in just 24 hours. That effectively means it can readily take any School or Educational Institution online in just a day. What’s more it takes care of Reports, Submissions, Team Projects, Individual Tasks, Feedback, etc.; and enables multi-media rich content Audio, Video, PDFs, YouTube links, as well as Live Classes.

School Timetable

Online Education

Class timetable just like a regular school.

Number of students

Teach upto 100 students at a time with live streaming

Video Conferencing Feature

Blended learning. Conduct live classes to teach and assign self-study work.


Create tests and get instant results. ClickGyaan corrects tests too.


Ready Progress Reports. Forget pen and paper results!

Audio, Video, PDFs

Go beyond textbook! Share videos, pdfs, audios for rich learning experience.


Easily access assignments.

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