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None. All you need is a desktop with Internet Explorer 8.0, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari as web browsers and a stable internet connection with minimum bandwidth of 256 kbps. No other software or hardware is required to use ClickGyaan OnDemand.

No, you don't need to install ClickGyaan on your computer – be it an OnDemand or Onsite deployment. ClickGyaan is a server based application and the user desktop does not need to have any installation. You only need an internet connection [for OnDemand deployment] or Local network connectivity [for Onsite / Behind-firewall] deployment to use ClickGyaan.

To test your computer's ability to use ClickGyaan, click here (will load a flash object). There may be instances where some organizations might have security policies implemented by their IT departments and in such cases they should request their IT departments to allow access to www.ClickGyaan.com. We would be happy to provide your organization with any required assistance.

ClickGyaan comes in three editions and you can choose any edition depending on your current and future usage, requirements as well as your deployment preference. You can upgrade your current edition of ClickGyaan to a higher version at a minimal upgrade cost and enjoy the additional benefits that comes along with a higher edition of ClickGyaan.

You can upgrade your current ClickGyaan edition [Hosted / OnDemand deployment only] to a higher edition at a minimal one time upgrade fees of $150. The upgrade would be done within two business days. All information and customizations done on your ClickGyaan portal would remain unaffected and there would be a minimal planned downtime of the system. If you are interested to know more, please write to your designated Account Manager.

Yes, we offer discounts to Educational institutes, Non-Profits and Government organizations. Please contact us for additional information or write to [email protected]

Yes, ClickGyaan can be integrated to your in-house or hosted Learning Management Systems [LMS] or HR Management System [HRMS]. The integration can happen at various levels including single click access to ClickGyaan, user information and assessment record integration etc. We plan an integration roadmap based on our discussion with your IT staffs and provide resource [cost and time] accordingly. For more information, please write to [email protected] with details of your current application.

Yes, you can increase the number of active users at any time within the prescribed user limit for any edition. You can take advantage of a bulk pricing discount if you order 10, 25, 50 or 100 user subscriptions at a go. Please note, there is no option to reduce the number of active user subscription. For more information, please write to your designated Account Manager.

If you currently using a subscription for ClickGyaan OnDemand, your ClickGyaan application gets automatically upgraded to the latest version whenever a new version is released. This automatic upgrade would not affect the customization done or other user information on your ClickGyaan portal. In you are maintaining a Onsite / Behind-firewall deployment and if you have opted for Annual Maintenance Contract, you would receive download instructions from ClickGyaan technical team. Out team would provide phone and remote support to install the new upgraded version on your computer.

We provide remote or offshore support to our customers on an 18x5 basis. The support process followed is based on the ClickGyaan editions and could be over email, phone or through web-conference or a combinations of all the three mechanisms. You can log a support request by writing to your designated Account Manager or directly to [email protected] . We would soon be providing an online support system for our customers to log a support request till its resolution.

Yes, we provide one time free online Training [based on ClickGyaan edition] within one week post your ClickGyaan subscription is active. Apart from online Training, we also offer ClickGyaan manual, online tutorials and email support to ensure that you are at ease with usage of ClickGyaan.

Our 'Extended Services' platform is a perfect fit for organizations which need support in creating their assessments. You can outsource your entire process of Assessment creation, delivery and application maintenance process. Please contact us [link to contact us form] for additional information or write to [email protected]

Absolutely! We have partnered with Datayard, on a VIP contract, which not only gurantees 99.999% of uptime but also places our entire infrastructure behind a hosted firewall. This allows us to create a secure environment, accessible only via access control lists or via a VPN connection.

Yes, you can cancel your ClickGyaan OnDemand subscription at any time. Just send an email with [email protected] with details of your subscription. Please note, however, there are no partial term service or downgrade refunds or refunds for terms unused with an open account.

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