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ClickGyaan comes in flexible subscription as well as licensing models. This allows organizations to opt for an edition that best suits their current usage requirement now, and to upgrade as and when there is a need of increased usage or additional feature requirement.

More on editions Express Professional Enterprise
  • All editions are available in OnDemand / cloud deployment
  • Only Enterprise edition is available in onsite deploymet
  • OnDemand edition upgrade price: $150
  • Option available to switch from OnDemand to Onsite deployment
[Ideal for individual trainers, small training organizations] [Ideal for small and medium training organizations, Educational institutes and organizations] [Ideal large and organizations and Universities]
Number of active participants 10 - 49 50 - 249 250 - 1000
Customization of reports [done by dev team] Existing reports Existing reports + 1 Free reports Existing reports + 3 Free reports
Customization of application Editing labels Upto 1 man day [8 hours] Upto 3 man day [24 hours]
Integration with HRIS, LMS, intranet [Integration fees are different as will be as per customization rate] Not available Available Available
Free Technical Support Email only Email + Web conferencing Email + Web conferencing + Phone
Free storage space 50 MB / participant / month 80 mb / participant / month 100 mb / participant / month
UI Branding and Skins Only Org Logo Org Logo + 1 custom skin Org Logo + 3 custom skin
Customization of auto-generated emails Basic customization [signature only] 1 time customization as per customer template On Demand customization
Free Assessment Authoring service - questions and content would be provided by customers 1 Assessment of upto 25 questions 3 Assessments each upto 25 questions 5 assessments each upto 50 questions
Online Training Not available [Training provided by Subject Matter Expert can be purchased at flat $100 for upto 1 hour] Free 1 time Training for 1 hour. Additional Training at flat $100 for upto 1 hour Free 1 time Training for 1 hour. Additional Training at flat $100 for upto 1 hour

Free Edition

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During the first 30 days of your Trial, you can evaluate ClickGyaan as Express Edition. Functionality and feature wise, all the above three editions are identical.

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