ClickGyaan - Teach Online Classes from Home

ClickGyaan is a fully web-based software application and can be deployed as an OnDemand hosted application at our secured server or within your organization intranet. You can choose any of the two models depending on your usage pattern, resource availability and budget. ClickGyaan is configurable and flexible to support small organizations, training companies and enterprises alike. Our technical team works with you to provide recommendations and first hand support so that you can select the deployment model in tune with your current business requirement. As your need and usage changes, we would be glad to provide you a switching option from one mode of deployment to the other without any hassle.

Hosted / SaaS / On Demand Deployment

This deployment plan includes:

  • Online hosted application with 24 x7 access and availability of data while your subscription is active
  • Hosted on Secure data center with full system maintenance, backup and recovery
  • Unlimited number of tests with unlimited number of administration and author accounts
  • Support in Setup and configuration of your test assessments and user data
  • Standard support plan [email / web-conference / phone] as per the ClickGyaan edition [linked to Edition page] selected
  • Automatic software application software upgrade and technical support in migration
  • Automated event based emails to participants and administrations as per the set configuration
  • Standard reporting and customized reports to suit your needs

Behind-firewall / Inhouse / Onsite Deployment

This deployment plan includes:

  • Managed by primarily your internal IT staffs and installed on your organizational infrastructure
  • Remote [email / web-conference / phone] or onsite support to install ‘do-it-yourself’ ClickGyaan installation kit on your server
  • Yearly renewable or perpetual license as per your business need and budget
  • Unlimited number of tests with unlimited number of administration and author accounts
  • Remote support and maintenance through patches and updates as released
  • Complete application administration, setting up user permissions and application parameters
  • Upgrades and enhancements are chargeable and optional for your deployment Need help to decide your deployment model? Please send us an Email and we would be glad to discuss your requirement.

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